ENOUGH Newfound Realm
GCD@CSM 2024

In this publication, I navigate the theme of internet culture through visual narratives and creative interaction.

An insight in to my personal image repository, data history and internet presence.

Although there might be some truth in this, this publication poses that internet subcultures remain relevant because they fumish the human need for connection, self- expression, and community while providing an outlet for niche interests and fostering creativity in a rapidly changing digital landscape.

In 2018, I bought a hard drive to prevent my laptop from a premature death on the grounds of my media mania.

Today, the hard drive safeguards a spectrum of tangible artefacts. Which I have reaped & garnered in my adolescence through to adulthood from places online and ofiline. Using archival materials, such as old photographs, letters, and personal artefacts, has become a powerful tool for me to weave a visual tapestry that communicates not only my journey as a designer but also universal themes of identity, self-discovery and niche interests.